Ten Things That Make a Great Kid’s Reading Space

by Lisa Dalesandro author of the book “Raise a Reader:25 Effective Things to Get Kids Reading.” 

If you want kids to read at home, then they need a great place to curl up in and crack open their latest book.  Here are ten easy ways to help encourage your little ones to do a little extra reading at home.

 1. Fabulous books.  Obviously, right?  Lots and lots of them.  Fiction, non-fiction, along with magazines, comics and graphic novels.  This goes without saying.

2. A way to display and store books. Use shelves, bins, and baskets.  If you have multiple kids sharing a bookcase give everyone their own personal shelf.  It’s a good idea to scatter a few reading baskets around the house — bathrooms, TV room, kitchen — so kids can grab a book when they aren’t in their usual reading space.

3. A comfortable place to read.  On their bed, in a comfy chair by a picture window, or a squishy beanbag chair.  Building your own private fort out of sheets or boxes can be a fun project and an excellent little nook in which to curl up in and enjoy a good book.  For little ones, a stuffed friend can be a good reading companion in a comfy place.

4. Good lighting.  An excellent bed lamp is a must.   A big chair by a bright window comes in at a close second.

5. Quiet.  Eliminate distractions like the TV or music in order to foster concentration.

6. Bookmarks.   Sure, the bottom half of last month’s phone bill works as a bookmark, but you can have more fun by making your own.  Natgeo.com (National Geographics) has a really creative, silly bookmark factory where kids, big and little, can create their own personalized bookmark. 

7. Writing and drawing materials.  It’s good to keep notebooks, colored paper, crayons, colored pencils and stickers around in case your child is inspired to release their inner book author or illustrator while they’re reading.

8. A good children’s dictionary.  Yes, they still print those things.  It may be old fashion but looking up unfamiliar words is a good habit for them to get into.  For little ones, get a brightly colored picture/word dictionary.

9. Pillows and blankets to get cozy.  No one wants to get a stiff neck or have cold feet when they’re reading.  Enough said.

10. A way to listen to audio books.  I’m addicted to listening to audio books during the day when I’m puttering around the house.  The assistance of audio books is possibly the only way laundry gets folded at my house. Nothing in more annoying than not being able to find my ear buds. I finally installed a little basket in a drawer so I always know where to put them when I’m done and where to find a pair the next day.


Need a little help getting kids to love reading at your house?  Check out RAISE A READER: 25 EFFECTIVE WAYS TO GET KIDS READING