What’s On Your List? The Gift that Keeps Giving.

With the holidays less than a month away, kids everywhere are eagerly dreaming up their wish lists. Here’s a friendly reminder that you might want to suggest that they tack a book or two onto that list.

If you want to encourage more reading at home, this is a great way to do it.

When all those grandparents, aunts and uncles, and family friends start asking the eternal what can I buy for your kids? remember to suggest some new reading materials along with all those toys, gadgets and clothes.

How about pairing toys with books.  If Santa is bringing your little girl the latest American Doll be sure to buy a couple of the companion books to go along with it.  If your boys love dinosaurs, buy them a big colorful dinosaur encyclopedia.  No matter where your child’s interests lie, I guarantee you there are more than a few books out there on the very same subject.

If a book-phobic reluctant reader lives in your home, consider a graphic novel or a subscription to a magazine instead.   Maybe consider a book like “The Hobbit” as a gift that can be read after you see the film this Christmas.  

Perhaps give your child your favorite book from childhood, scribble some heart-warming words of inscription on the cover page and promise to reread the book along with your child.

Still don’t have a clue as to which book to buy?  Then let them pick.  As for me, in my adult form, nothing makes me happier than a nice juicy Amazon.com gift card.  The thought of filling up my Kindle for free makes me nearly giddy with delight.  (hint, hint my family)

As a final thought, remember kids become stronger readers when they see their parents reading at home too.  Therefore, you might want to think about adding a couple books to your holiday wish list as well.